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If you are looking to getting into the online marketing bracket then Make Money iC can you help you. Make Money iC has put together a list of tips that can be helpful to online marketers. Using these simple tips can help you get started marketing online. Our online marketing tips are the result of in-depth research and tried and true tactics that are guaranteed to make money online. By following these tips to the tee you will see the benefits that have helped me get to where I am today.

  1. When writing a headline for a page, do not use all capital letters. Words in all capitals letters are hard to read and research suggests are offensive to readers.
  2. A headline is an important part of the page and should include keywords related to the subject you are covering.
  3. Make your headline to the point. It should be specific but not too short. A short headline will not have enough information and a long headline is overstuffed and a turnoff.
  4. A headline should be something that provokes the curiosity of the reader to keep them interested. A bad headline will lose the reader quickly and with it, your sale.
  5. Do not try and sell a large variety of products in a single place at a time. This presents the reader with too many options and can be confusing to sort through and figure which is what and where. Aside from which, any single page should have one and only focus. With a bunch of product jumping about there is no focus in the page. A page without a focus is a page that will not get any attention.
  6. You want your product to sell but you do not want to outsell your product or you will not have anyone to sell to. Over-enthusiastic commentary, bloated product claims, etc. are ways to outsell a product and thus yourself.
  7. It is important to present figures and data. When presenting figures to prospective customers they must be accurate. A number that you have pulled out of thin air will surely come across as nothing more than hot air, which people can pick up on and will immediately lose trust in you and the product that you are selling.
  8. An up-to-date website is a happy website. You will not have new visitors with a website that looks like it came out of the 1990’s. When a website looks stale it is safe to assume that the product sold there is too.
  9. A website that is constantly growing is a website that is constantly getting traffic. Most websites on the internet are adding content daily and it is that kind of activity that keeps interest in the site up and the visitors coming to browse and hopefully buy whatever it is that you are selling.
Propriety is key to maintaining customers. Even if you are dealing with a customer who you know has made a mistake but that is blaming you and/or your company it is necessary to keep your cool and respond in kind. Bad customer experience





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