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There are a lot of make money scams out there for you to be aware of and avoid. Make Money iC wants to show what kind of make money scams there are out there and how to prevent yourself from falling into these make money scams. It is true, people fall for make money scams every single day by make money tricks. Fear not because you are about to get the rundown on these scams and how to spot them.


Let us look at some make money scams that you should be on the look for. First is the advance fee scam. With this scam you basically pay a fee up-front and then later you are expecting to get something in return that never arrives. Like a scholarship, credit card or loan. Next is the winnings scam. You come across an email that says that you have made money in a contest and that you need to provide some information to get your money. You can’t make money from a contest you did not enter so immediately delete this. Watch out for online auction scams. These scams make money by selling items at a cost that is just a bit lower than what the real items are selling for. So the scammer makes money selling a fake item that is worthless to you.


Work at home make money scams are also pretty easy to spot. Like the craft assembly scam that says you can make money by assembling various crafts for some company that you send back when all put together. This scam makes money by telling you that your crafts are not up to spec and that you will not be making money for them even though you had to pay for the parts. Another big make money from home scam involves email processing. You pay for instructions to be an email processor and are then instructed to simply forward the email that you got involved in the scam in the hopes that the money made from you emails helps you make money. Well you will not be making any money doing this scam.


Continuing with the make money from home scams we have the companies looking for homeworkers make money scam. With this scam you pay money for a list of companies that will hire work at home employees. Be advised, most companies do not hire employees to make money from home, the list you get is outdated. One of the oldest make money scams is letter stuffing. With this scam you are told that you can make money by stuffing pre-addressed envelopes. Really? And the rate that they say that you can make money is amazing, about a dollar per envelope. Nobody is going to pay you a dollar an envelope. If a company needed envelopes stuffed they would make money using machines or by outsourcing. Make money from your computer is another big scam and the last one that we will look at. You come across an ad that says that your computer can make money for you. When  you pay to join the scam you are instructed on how to spam other helpless victims with the same ad that you bought into. Of course you will not make money that is guilt free from this scam.


Make Money iC wants to help you make money the right way and so we have shown you just a few of the make money scams that are out there. You can rest assured that with this information and the money you can save by not being scammed that you can use that money to earn yourself a nice income investing it somewhere else.




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